View Full Version : Tweaking the thumbnail JPEG compression in web interface

2010-03-07, 16:05
Does anybody know where in the Squeezebox Server web interface code the thumbnail generation call is made, and more importantly, whether the JPEG compression ratio can be specified at all?

I've got some really nice cover art that looks absolutely dreadful when turned into thumbnails in the web interface, which is how we tend to access our music, so I'd like to have a go at tweaking for aesthetics rather than speed to see how that works out.

2010-03-07, 22:26
Hmm there is a setting in:

settings > advanced > performance > Artwork resampling

You don't want it set on "Resizing"

On low-end machines like eg. some popular NAS devices, resampling artwork can be slow. By using a simpler method the time needed for the artwork processing can be improved at the cost of image quality. Select "Resizing" instead of "Resampling" if you want to speed up artwork handling."

2010-03-07, 23:56
> You don't want it set on resampling

....unless you're running it on a ReadyNAS NV/Duo.



2010-03-08, 00:40
"Resizing" is the bad option for image quality I made a typo which I have corrected.
You must read the forum trough mail (which makes all my post look like crap I do at least 2 or 3 edits, because I cant spell and I'm slightly nutty anyway ;) )

2010-03-08, 01:55
Thanks. I've always had it on 'resampling' rather than 'resizing' but the quality on certain images is still poorer than I'd like.

Some tricky covers, seemingly ones that are basically solid red with an image in the middle, seem to resample really poorly and I was wanting to see if I could improve that without sacrificing performance too much.