View Full Version : Plugins providing a ProtocolHandler

2010-03-06, 06:14

I'm trying to debug why SqueezeScrobbler seems to work except for the fact that no audio is played.

Looks like it provides a ProtocolHandler for 'lastfm://' URL's.

When listening to Last.fm radio, each Last.fm track has its own stream URL that provide an MP3 stream for one-time-use. The 'new' sub in the SqueezeScrobbler PluginHandler finds the stream URL for this track ('location'), and returns a HTTP socket to it.

However, it appears this 'new' sub is never called.

Can anyone explain how this is roughly supposed to work? Or point me to any documentation?

2010-03-06, 06:59
Ah, 'direct streaming' was enabled, so the Receiver would bypass the Server entirely and try to connect to the URL directly.

Disabling 'direct streaming' (settings->player->audio->'mp3 streaming method'), indeed it comes through all the places I expected it ;)