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2010-03-05, 10:57
I have tried a search, but amprobably using the wrong terms. In any case is there a listing of the command tree (with IR commands) for the Squeezebox Classic? I ask because I want to put together macros to access my presets in XM Radio and (I guess) need to be able to issue a series of commands to work down the tree. Yes, I suspect I could make my own, but why reinvent?

2010-03-05, 14:15
What do you mean with "command structure"? The menus? I don't think there is a fixed listing, because you can enable, disable, and rearrange items in the home menu, and plugins can add their own menu entries anywhere in the tree. So you will have to figure out what fits your particular setup.

But if you mean something else, feel free to ask again.

2010-03-05, 14:35
Thanks for the reply. I really didn't know that I could delete things or move stuff around. I assumed that the plugins would change the items in the structure. What I was thinking was something like "Go to now playing" -- easy enough. then enter a single number to go to one of the items in the submenu - enter a "right" command, and then a number for the appropriate item in the next submenu. ETC!!! From what you say it appears that I can move items around and/or delete them -- which changes the items to chosen, obviously. I can certainly make up my own "decision tree" and being able to edit sub.menus will help quite a bit. Now -- where do I get the information about editing those menus? My experience was with the Duet, where things could be added or dropped from the home menu, but now that I am using a SB Classic I don't recall seeing any specific information about such editing -- or is it all done thru the server?


2010-03-05, 14:48
If you're using Squeezebox Server, look in the SBS web ui Settings > Player > Menus.

On mysqueezebox.com, use Players > Menus.

2010-03-05, 15:28
Though it seems to me is not that you want to have a macro to simulate a half dozen button presses which will change if you ever redo your menus... or if other menus (like those provided by XM) change.

It sounds more like you want to have custom actions occur based on some IR code. Ie, IR code XYZZY would start a given XM radio station.

In the trivial case cited there, it's just "set the station to be a favorite, then send the code to activate that favorite"

2010-03-06, 07:53
Thanks to you all I have learned some things and will experiment a bit to see if I can get the result --ie. "Push one button and @@@ XM Radio starts to play selected station" It appears that the "favorite" approach may be the way to go. Sure would be nice if there was more complete documentation of these various ooperations -- or do I need direction there as well??

Thanks again.

2010-03-06, 13:24
OK -- I tried to add XM Radio channels to my favorites menu. The first one I tried worked fine. Subsequent attempts lead to a "Moved to Zapped...." message. Huh???