View Full Version : Itunes & Squeezebox server on Ubuntu Nas - will this setup work??

2010-03-05, 03:21

I have my Squeezebox server running on a Ubuntu nas setup, and my itunes running on a win 7 pc

My music library and itunes folder are on my PC, with backup software putting a copy of everything on my nas when changes are noticed.

I have been trying to set up the itunes integration of Squeezebox server but am having no luck importing music files and especially playlists (which is what i primarily want to import)

So, on my nas which is running the server is a copy of all my itunes music and xml files.

I have tried point the Itunes plugin to these files on the nas, and although i see a reference to Itunes playlist import when doing a scan, it takes 0 seconds and nothing shows up in the playlists on the squeezebox.

I have tried having nothing in the 'music folder' field in basic settings and setting a direct link to the music folder in the itunes plugin, but this results in a no library being configured, and not scan being able to take place.

any ideas if this is possible at all?

2010-03-05, 03:51
I have also tried taking ownership of the itunes library xml file on the nas as ubuntu saw it as owned by nobody, as did the music folder with the mp3s in.

This should mean that its not a permissions issue.