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2010-03-05, 00:31
Just for some info. I used to love Norton Utilities. It was the coolest program around back in the 90's. Very handy and did a lot of things that other programs didn't. Then they expanded to firewalls and anti virus and everything else and got a bad rep for being bad and a resource hog. I tried it and I had to agree and stayed away from all of their programs for years. I finally tried Norton 360, the first version. While it had some nice things it was very flakey and not reliable. I wrote to them and told them what I thought and finally they released 2.0 which was much better. Even though they had improved it still was a resource hog and I gave up on it. After about 3 months and needing an all around program I tried the Norton Security. It worked wonderful and had no problems with my SB3 or with resources. I've used it ever since as my fire wall, antivirus and utilities and have not had a problem. My reason for writing this is that I really badmouthed Norton for a number of years and just want it to be known that they really have done a good job over the last three years. I feel if I'm going give a bad name to someone and they work to make it be better then I'd better also say when they do a good job. So for 3 years now it has been very good with my SB3 and I hope they keep it up. Not one problem with my SB3 or any other program that I run. I've tried Norton 360 and it was fine, but I seem to like the Internet Security version better. It seems like it is better for the more advanced users, not that I'm that advanced or anything. Pardon me for posting this but I feel I owe them a bit for some of my harshness and I'm happy to see a company do well by it's customers. I hope they keep it up.

PS: I also know that it's very cool to say you use nothing or some very esoteric program. All I'm saying here to the common user is that Norton has worked well with the Squeezebox products for the last 3 years or so and I've had to eat my words. Probably others have also so just check them out for yourself.

2010-03-05, 08:28
Just to second that - used Norton for a few years until it ground my system into the ground, moved over to Trend Microsystems for a few years. I moved back to Norton Internet Security a year or so ago. Works well, doesn't hog resources and has a host of useful addtional features. Recommended. Now if only I could say the same for Norton Save and Restore (although I'm fairly sure that;s user error!).