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Howard Darwen
2004-08-11, 10:40
EAC (Exact Audio Copy) has a split WAV by CUE sheet function (under the
tools menu). WAV files don't have tags, so there's nothing to lose there i
guess ... not sure if it's clever enough to name the files according to the
artist / title info in the CUE sheet, as it's ages since i used it ... but
give it a go and see ... you'll have to encode the split WAVs separately ...
not aware of anything that does it all in one go ...

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Is there any software out there (preferably windows) that will take a single
file FLAC or WAV along with a cue sheet and split it into individual tracks,
preferably in MP3 or OGG with tags intact?

I want to start archiving all my albums but don't want to trap myself in a
corner as far as formats are concerned.