View Full Version : Can't acces mysb.com VIA SBServer

2010-03-03, 09:35
Due to a Wake-on-Lan bug in SBServer 7.4.2, my setup now requires that I access mysb.com via sbserver.

However, I am unable to access mysb.com via sbserver running on the laptop which I use as a dedicated music server. When trying to access internet radio, I get a message which says something like "unable to resolve IP address..."

I have another laptop and a desktop, both of which can run sbserver, and I am able to access mysb.com via sbserver using those two computers. But those two computers are intended for 'normal' computer activities, so I don't want to use them to run sbserver.

Any advice to get my dedicated music server to access mysb.com would be appreciated.

2010-03-03, 16:48
I was able to fix this. I uninstalled, then reinstalled SBS. That took care of the problem.