View Full Version : adjusting skins

2010-03-02, 01:51
Hi there, I'm a happy SB duet user and recently upgraded to 7.4.2
SB center runs on a Dell 10" netbook (XP) and all functions much to my satisfaction, except for one detail:
I am not so fond of the 'standard' skin, so I want to use either the 'classic' or the 'fishbone' skin. But both of them have a strange habit: When I make a listing based on albums and I select the album I want to examine by clicking on the proper icon, it not only shows the artist and tittle (as defined in the setting 'behavior') but it also automatically shows the albumname at the end of the line... ("...." from "albumname")
Almost the same happens when I make a listing based on artists; when selecting the artist of my choice I am presented with a list of albums this artist has in my music-db. Burt when selecting one of these albums it automatically shows the artist at the end of the line. ("...." by "artist")
I have been looking and trying all kinds of different settings but it just keeps on displaying this redundant information, making my list more difficult to oversee.

My question: how can I adjsut my skin in a way that these automatic displaying is prevented?