View Full Version : No longer Scrobbling to Last FM

2010-03-01, 17:20
Just been looking at my LastFM profile page and none of the tracks played on my transporter today have appeared on my Last FM profile.

Tracks played on my iPhone/iPod are appearing ok.

Last FM Autoscrobbler in SqueezeBox Server is set to report tracks played to Last FM and I am logged in with the correct user name and password. I am using SqueezeBox Server Version: 7.4.2 - r30215.

The Last FM icon is appearing in my System Tray.

My computer is running Windows Vista Ultimate Service Pack 2 32 bit.

2010-03-02, 06:07
Hmmm, not sure what's happening. similar set up (transporter and 7.4.2) and working fine here. only difference I see is that I'm running XP. But not sure why you have last.fm icon in system tray. What does this have to do with scrobbling from squeezeboxserver? The last.fm app in SbS is a different animal from the audioscrobbler plugin. The former is for listening to last.fm and the latter is for reporting tracks to last.fm.

when in doubt, my first response is to (in order) 1. reboot router, 2. reboot computer, and 3. stop and restart SbS. You can try just step 3 first and see if that works.

2010-03-02, 06:21
Also, additional suggestions:

1.on SBS/settings,recheck Audioscrobbler under player basic setup and then go to advanced and reenter your username and password again.

2.reset your player username and password too.

I had similar problems a while ago. Good luck.