View Full Version : Kudos on the IR remote design - works under water

2010-03-01, 17:16
I've had an SB3 sealed up in a waterproof box next to my hot tub for a bit
over a year and a half. I was not sure what to do with the remote, when I
think MeSue posted about having had the IR remote in a ziplock by her pool
all summer. I decided to try that with some *dessicate packs* , and it
worked fine ... until this past weekend.

I picked up my baggy and the poor remote was floating in the bag, ziplock
failure! Normally I would take the batteries out as quickly as possible and
try to dry out electronics, but I figured the damage was done. I hit a
button, and it worked no problem as the water poored out the battery hatch.

Good job to whomever designed that one! This is the "second generation"
non-backlit IR remote.

I think I'll put it in a new bag and/or consider shelling out for a proper
waterproof dolphin remote.


2010-03-03, 06:59
Your title gave me a start as I'm pretty sure the wavelength chosen for IR remote control devices was specifically chosen as one that won't penetrate water - makes it safe around children who might look at the business end and press keys at the same time. Not what you were talking about, but still...

2010-03-09, 12:39
I think you misunderstood the post - chrisla didn't operate the remote under water, he was just stunned that the remote was functioning after the zip-lock failed and the remote was filled with water...

2010-03-11, 10:53
I think you misunderstood the postErm, no... The title gave me a start - not the post itself.
I read his whole post before commenting on my initial reaction to the title. Maybe you could do me that same favor?