View Full Version : Custom Case... the next evolution

Jon Schalliol
2004-08-11, 09:02
Agreed. I'd love a brushed metal front 17" unit. With that, I'd
love to also see some additional ports in the back through the use of
the Geek Connector (i.e. IR in via mono-minijack).

>Fine for me too.
>Cracking case by the way.
>There was other posts re the shape of the squeezebox and issues with
>stacking it with other hardware which I would agree with in certain
>An option of a hi-fi style full sized case perhaps with some of the buttons
>on the remote replicated on the front panel would be a useful addition to
>the family I think, even if it was in kit form. I would have one for my
>hi-fi rack, the squeeze just looks a bit lost.