View Full Version : Internet radio - disappears??

2010-02-28, 23:39
Hi Everyone,

have searched the forms to no avail - just trying to figure out what i have done wrong or if i have overlooked some sort of setting

Current setup
Mac 10.6.2 (SL)
Squeezebox Classic
Software Version: 7.4.1 - r28947 @ Tue Oct 20 08:13:22 PDT 2009
Player Model: squeezebox3
Firmware: 130

What seems to be happening is i have "Internet Radio" set up as a menu option under advance settings and when i hit "APPLY" - i restart the server and it appears on the Sqeezebox (nice)

When i power down computer and the SBox - and turn on again the "Internet Radio" option is missing???

Is there something i could try to ensure this menu option remains on the squeezebox?

It's bizzare why just this option disappears but the other options remain?

Any thoughts / ideas would be appreciated

Thanks in advance

2010-03-01, 03:22
Long shot, but try this...

SBS > Settings > MySqueezeBox.com > MySqueezeBox Integration> Keep Player Settings in Sync > NO (Disable)

It may be that your MySB menu item Internet Radio is set to not display, this is Syncing with your SBS and changing it on SBS to not display.

Or, log on to your MySB account go to Players > SB3 > Menus, add back in the Internet Radio menu item if missing.

2010-03-03, 15:41
Internet Radio requires an internet connection! Obviously. Make sure your internet connection is visible to your SBS when it is starting up, otherwise you won't get that option.