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2010-02-28, 08:21

I'm a happy user of the SB classic for almost 2 months now
and after ripping my entire collection of CDs to a 1.5TB drive
I finally come back to clear up some basics.

The most urgent question is this:

DO PLAYLISTS WORK AT ALL (outside the playlist folder) ???

I can copy a PL, that works fine in the playlist folder, from there to an album folder and it shows up
but when I try to play it it comes up as <empty> !

What's wrong here?

I will need a very large number of playlists eventually and they absolutely MUST be
where they logically belong, that is with the album folders of the artists.

Dumping them all in one place without structure (and also, yuk, with absolute paths) is useless for me.
The playlist folder is nice for a few extras, like a collcetion of radio stations
or a party mix or for lists SB creates, but not for real heavy duty use, imo.

Please tell me that it is me and not the server software..
Playlists that show up should be playable, right?
Why are they shown as <empty> ??

Are you using playlists and do they work for you beyond the one playlist folder??

thanks in advance, tom

2010-02-28, 08:26
Hmmm, I'm confused. Why would a playlist need to show up in the ALBUM folder. If your playlist simply relates to a specific album, you'd navigate to the album and play that. A playlist is simply a file that points at various music files. I'm meticulous about my tags and directory structure, but somehow have never found the need to keep playlist files anywhere other than a single place. I'm not questioning you here, I am truly confused as to how you are using playlists in a way that the specific location of a playlist really matters. I guess in my world, a playlist is always a grouping of songs from DIFFERENT albums or artists. So I wouldn't even have an appropriate ALBUM directory to keep it in even if I wanted to.

2010-02-28, 09:00
OK, I had hoped to get answers not questions but since you wrote so quick and nice here are A FEW uses for playlists:

- exclude tracks
eg 1: I usually do not want to hear Obladi-Oblada from the White Album
so I'd like to have a PL my_white_album

eg 2: Often I'd like to not hear the bonus tracks of a remastered CD;
so I want a PL to restore the original album

- group tracks

eg 1: I have many box sets which include both the tracks of the original albums and alternate tracks etc..
So I want to create PLs that play the original albums. Miles Davis, John Coltrane
or Buffalo Springfield box sets are just a few examples. (recreating the originals from a collection)

eg 2: I have all original Beatles albums in their respective folders but I'd also like to have PLs for the Red and Blue albums. (recreating a collection from the originals)

eg 3: I usually put one CD into one folder. Many musical works consist of two or more CDs
and I'd like to have a PL that plays all tracks that, say make up the opera or the live concert in a row. (create spanning sets)

- change sort orders in a flexible way, independent from file names and track numbers (sort freely)

BTW: I did not mean that all (album-related) PLs should (necessarily) go into the ALBUM folders;
rather they should usually go into the ARTIST folders along with the respective ALBUM folders themselves.
So the Red Album playlist should go into the Beatles folder; where else would one look for it??

I could go on, but I hope that some of these examples make sense to you.

If not, consider this: showing something but not playing it is a bug by definition.

Any other player like winamp or whatnot will play (well-formed) playlists, and so should this wonderful device.

I really want to know how to make playlists work;
please do not tell me that my wishes are exotic and
please do not tell me how to work around any of the above examples!

thanks for listening


2010-02-28, 09:37
Aha. Understand. And I do some of the same things you do (reorder the tracks to get back to the real playing order of Allman Brothers Live at the Filmore, including tracks from Eat a Peach). The only difference is that I don't really care where the playlists themselves sit (so long as they have names that make sense to me). But this said, I think a lot of what you want to do can be done with Erland's playlist plugins (dynamic playlists, custom browse, custom exclude, etc. etc.). See this thread to get you started. I found playlists to be very lacking in SqueezeboxServer until I added all these plugins. Now I've only begun to use the power of playlists within SbS with these plugins. Not sure these will solve your directory location problem, but someone else may have a solution/answer for that.


Phil Leigh
2010-03-01, 10:45
Your example #3 doesn't require a playlist - just make sure the album title tag is identical for all album discs in a set and set a DISCNUMBER tag (1,2,3 etc)
then set the option in the web ui to group multi-disc sets together - rescan and...it will work fine.