View Full Version : Duet receiver/boom as wireless bridge

2010-02-28, 02:26
Clever folks can you help? I have a number of Duets/SB+ around the house all connected via an ethernet network. I'm interested in using the new Radio (with rechargeable battery pack) in the bathroom but obviously have no socket to connect to. There's a boom and duet receiver in the rooms next to the bathroom - could I use either one of these as a 'wireless bridge' to connect to my network/squeezecenter? I don't have/or want a central wireless router. Many thanks in advance - Mike

2010-02-28, 14:04
The Duet receiver acts as a hidden wifi ad-hoc bridge when configured to allow the controller. However I don't know what the WEP key is. I don't know if it's randomly generated or documented somewhere.

Personally I don't suggest using this mode since WEP is very insecure. You are much better off using a wifi router with WPA2 from a security perspective. You can also get much better range and reliability because most 802.11n (2.4ghz) wifi routers support MIMO which helps with interference.