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2010-02-27, 07:05

I'm using an iTunes store (on the same Synology NAS as the SqueezeBox Server software) as my source for SqueezeBox Server, with no music or playlists paths set on the SqueezeBox Server 'basic settings' page.

The Music scan completes, with all music playable from the Squeezebox Server & the Squeezebox, but none of my iTunes playlists appear, despite the scan results showing 'iTunes Playlist Import (46 of 46) Complete 00:00:39'.

My iTunes settings are as follows; can anyone help me with getting my iTunes playlists to appear in Squeezebox Server and thus on my Squeezebox player?

iTunes: Use iTunes *Selected*
iTunes Artwork: Extract iTunes Artwork *Not Selected*
iTunes Reload Interval: 3600
Unchecked Song in iTunes: Don't include unchecked songs
Ignored playlists: empty
iTunes Music Library.xml Location: /volume1/music/iTunes XML etc/iTunes Music Library.xml
iTunes Music Folder: /volume1/music/Music
iTunes Playlist Format: Suffix & Prefix: empty

Many thanks!

2010-02-27, 07:27
This could well be your problem:


Try changing the Itunes Music folder settings to "iTunes Music Folder: /volume1/Itunes Media/Music".

2010-02-27, 08:01
Thanks Siduhe, but unfortunately, that's not it; the path to my music on the nas/sbs is in fact /volume1/music/Music. That path contains all the organized itunes artist music folders.

The odd thing is that the SBS music scan registers the 46 itunes playlists but doesn't doesn't server them up to the web interface or the SB.

I'll keep trying but any other advice would be much appreciated!

Many thanks.

2010-02-27, 08:17
I'm pretty sure the itunes Media folder option doesn't point directly at your music - it's supposed to point to the iTunes Media folder.

From the help box: If you are running iTunes on a different computer than Squeezebox Server, you may specify an explicit path to the iTunes Media folder here. Leave this blank if you are running iTunes on the same computer as Squeezebox Server.

On my setup this is c:/Users/Siduhe/Itunes/Itunes Music whereas my music is located on C:/Users/Siduhe/Music.

2010-02-27, 09:39
Hi Siduhe,

iTunes Media is here (on the same NAS as SBS):
/volume1/music/iTunes XML etc/iTunes Music Library.xml
and that's where I've pointed SBS' iTunes page "Tunes Music Library.xml Location" field to.

and Music is here (also on the same NAS as SBS):
and that's where I've pointed SBS' iTunes page "iTunes Music Folder" field to.

I had previously moved the itunes media (xml itl etc) to that location on my NAS and shift started iTunes once I'd moved it to repoint itunes to it (rather than have these files on my local PC).

iTunes works fine, as do the playlists in it, including create, amend, delete etc and SBS registers my 46 iTunes playlists on a scan but they just don't show up in use.

I'm stumped! I've missed something really obvious or it's broken... Most likely the former...


2010-02-27, 09:56
Just to make sure I've got your setup right - are you:

a) running the squeezebox software and itunes on the same box as your music is stored on?

b) running itunes on a different box and then have copied the .xml file across to the NAS?

c) running the squeezebox software and itunes on different boxes, but have set up itunes to store all its info on the same box as the squeezebox software?

If you have itunes and the squeezebox software running on the same box, or the data stored on the same box, my understanding is you don't need to put anything into the iTunes Media Folder option.

You only need the iTunes Media folder option if you are running iTunes on a different box from the squeezebox software. If this is what you're doing, you need to point the squeezebox software to the itunes folder on the box running the itunes software - not the folder where the music is stored, otherwise the playlists don't seem to work.

One thing you can do to narrow it down is go to Settings/Advanced/Logging and change plugin.itunes to DEBUG. Then open up the scanner.log file (linked from Settings/Information) and then do a rescan. Do you see any error messages when it gets to the playlist import?

2010-07-06, 22:14
Hey, pnick, did you manage to resolve this? I have the exact same problem. Thanks! Adam