View Full Version : Sound just stops?

2010-02-27, 05:19
I have noticed since changing to 7.4.2 that I seem to get more frequent re- buffeting . Also,and more disturbing, when I fall asleep at night with music playing inthe sleep mode(90minutes) when I wake in the morning the station lights are on but the music is silent. Somehow the music just stops but the display indicates the station is on. I would like to go back to 7.4.1 where I found things pretty stable but I have the radio battery coming and I intend to use it. One thing also my bedside player is the Boom. I would apprciate any help. Can you run 7.4.2 on a Boom and 7.4.1 on the Radio ? Will they sinc?

2010-02-27, 07:54
...... Can you run 7.4.2 on a Boom and 7.4.1 on the Radio ? Will they sinc?

If you mean the FW versions for each, yes.

In fact, both can run on the later FW, just deny the FW upgrade (downgrade) on the players when connecting to the server running a previous FW version.
I'm guessing the Radio needing 7.4.2 for battery use is only FW related (Radio does not need to be connected to 7.4.2 for proper battery use).
But you should verify this to be safe.
This is why denying the FW downgrade for Radio would be important if using the battery.

2010-02-27, 08:45
Thank you. Good info to know for me. I wonder if this issue is a known issue with 7.2.4 and if others have experienced it. I only seem to become aware of it during the night.

I am thoroughly enjoying my Squeezes and the 3 music services I subscribe to....(Rhapsody,lastfm and Classical.com). I am so eagerly awaiting the Touch and the battery. Thanks Toby.