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Christopher Jacob
2004-08-10, 19:37
I use a small RCA Integrated Stereo Amplifier (RCA SA-155) that I got at
Radio Shack for $60. Not top of the line, or reference type of gear but it
fits in the draw of my nightstand and the squeeze box sits on top. I have
the volume on the amp set at 50% and haven't touched it in weeks.


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I am in the same boat, looking for a smaller Amp to drive speakers around my
house. I came across the Audio Source Amp 100
(http://www.audiosource.net/2003/03_amp100.htm) for about $150, it has 100W
over 2 or 4 channels which is plenty for most non-dedicated listening

I wish there was something that fit the SB's footprint better.


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Interesting, but pricey for me... However, if I was going to go with
non-powered speakers, I'd need something to drive them. Any suggestions for
a small, inexpensive amp that will take RCA in and require very little
interaction? Low interaction as in I'd stick it behind a couch or something.

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