View Full Version : USB or SD card function on Touch?

2010-02-21, 11:36

I have at question, maybe to a developer, as to the functionality of the SD card slot or USB slot on the Touch.

First of, I guess that when you can play back MP3 from SDcards and USB sticks, you can also play them back via playlists on the media. Anything else would be silly, if you have a large collection of files. So i'm assuming this.

But the real question is, can you copy a mp3 playlist created in foobar or winamp(like a pls-list), containing direct IP shoutcast streamlinks, on to a SDcard or USB stick, plug it into the touch and have the Touch connect and playback the shoutcats streams directly?
Were talking can the Touch do basic HTTP authentication here.

That is, process something like the following code(SKY.fm links used):

Title1=DJ Mixes
Title2=World Music

And if no, why not? This would be a super simple and easy way to manage and maintain large internet radio shoutcast stream lists, that change IPs form time to time.
(update list in winamp, copy list to USB key, plug the key in the Touch, and go go go)
I, for one, have some huge radio lists and if the touch can do this, i can finally stop using my laptop as an internet radio, and "adopt" a Squeezebox :)