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2004-08-10, 13:38
Have someone assist you in facilitating a truly "blind test" in which you
don't know which source you are hearing (squeezebox or your transport)...
See if you can tell which is which. You might be surprised with the

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More explanation may be needed :-)

1. I use a stand alone DA converter in my audio system, and SB digital out
(coax) is connected to this DAC's digital in, then analog out to my
amplifier... The same goes for the convenstional CD trasnport.

2. For comparison, the exactly same digital cable (coax) is used between
either SB or the CD transport and the DAC. Simply swapping between the two
of them.


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Subject: [slim] Wired or Wireless?
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I have been enjoying Squeezebox ("SB") for the past few weeks and been
impressed with its easiness and flexibility. Yesterday, for the first time
since SB purchase, I compared the same CD between SB and my hi-end CD
transport. The CD had been ripped via iTunes in WAV format with USB Plextor
Premium CD-RW drive at its highest speed without "error correction". The PC
is brand-new Dell 8400. SB is wireless. Signal strength is between 50 to
60% (PC is in the next room). The CD is brand new classical piano solo.

Long story short, to my ears, using CD transport sounds more open, dynamic
and detailed. Scoreing the hi-end CD transport at 10, SB sound is, like, 8.

Not surprising (well, sort of...), but is this because (1) wireless signal
is not strong enough? (2) ripping speed is too fast? or (3) something else
(SB parts quality, etc.)?

I will try tonight with a patch cable for wired connection, but has anybody
else done similar comparison? Any opinion on this?

Thanks, as always.