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2010-02-20, 15:49
I'm trying to construct a playlist with music files located on multiple hard drives. When I play the playlist under squeezebox it only sees the files from one source (my external hard drive, drive F:/My Music). The rest of my music is on my C drive in a folder labeled FLAC.

Foobar plays the entire playlist properly.

I'm building the playlist with Playlist Creator 3.6.2, and have that set to relative rather than absolute for the file locations.

Here's an example of a part of the playlist-the first file is in C:\FLAC and the second in F:\My Music.
File1=..\..\..\..\FLAC\Indigo Girls\Indigo Girls\01 - Closer To Fine.flac
Title1=Indigo Girls - 01 - Closer To Fine
File2=F:\My Music\Richard Thompson\Rumor and Sigh\07-1952 Vincent Black Lightning.flac
Title2=Rumor and Sigh - 7 - 1952 Vincent Black Lightning

Any ideas what I am doing wrong? I'd like to keep the playlist relative because the stuff on the C drive will be moving as soon as I get another external hard drive.

2010-02-20, 16:50
The software requires absolute not relative paths for playlists. There is an open enhancement request which includes support for relative paths:


It should be pretty straightforward to do a global find/replace when you move the files from C: to your new network drive so the playlists can continue to work. If you use windows, I have a simple script which will semi-automate the process for you, and others use the "sed" command on Linux:


2010-02-20, 18:20
Thanks for the info. Hopefully Logitech solves this problem sometime soon-but since the bug request is over two years old I better not get my hopes up.

I don't have too many playlists but I just had to corect the ones I have when i switched to a new computer and my external HD had a different letter. That sold me on the wisdom of relative vs. absolute structure for the playlist.