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2010-02-20, 15:37
Squeezebox and community seems perfect for me but one last stupid question - once synched up do we need the computer turned physically to run music collection such as that on itunes through stereo speakers?

thanks anyone

2010-02-20, 15:56
Where is your music library located? If it is on a hard disk in your computer, then obviously the computer has to be on to access it.

If it is on a NAS, then it depends on the particular model. Some NASes are able to run a SB server, in that case your computer can be off. Otherwise you would still need a computer to run the server.

2010-02-21, 13:32
And just to further clarify, the Squeezebox players have no storage of their own. Unlike iTunes and an iPod, the music isn't copied to the players, it is streamed on demand from the computer running Squeezebox Server. Just like the way YouTube doesn't copy hundreds of thousands of videos to your PC, it streams the video as you request it.