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2010-02-19, 04:55
Ok, so I'm happily listening to a random mix of songs when squeezebox queues up a track with a hidden track in it which basically gives me 7 minutes of silence which is very annoying?

Is there anything I can do about this apart from either deleting said track from the disk or manually splitting the track up?


2010-02-19, 05:00
Squeezebox Server/Center can't help you with this, it is best done at the point of ripping/encoding the disc. Some rippers will cut out large chunks of silence for you.

I tend to just leave them in, so I can listen to the album as intended. There are only about a dozen tracks in my library that have big silences.

2010-02-19, 05:00
SqueezeCenter (or SqueezeBoxServer now) can't modify your music.

I've used dBPowerAmp's dsp effects to remove the silent gap from a few tracks. I don't mind listening to Guaranteed by Eddie Vedder now.

2010-02-19, 08:31
You could use the Dynamic Playlist plugin to skip tracks over 7 minutes long, that should do it.

Personally I always split the tracks into 2 and cut out the silence.



2010-02-19, 09:44
I use Dynamic Playlists to do random playlists, and I have an extensive list of filters in the Custom Skip plugin specifically for playing random songs to eliminate based on Genre, Artist or even specific albums. I also have a few custom tags (using Custom Scan plugin) for skipping things.

A custom tag (or even a genre if you are lazy) to designate long silence tracks would then differentiate those tracks from something that is just plain long.

That way I don't have things like George Carlin playing when the kids are up.

I owe Erland some thank you money. :-)