View Full Version : Cover in Mp3 not recognized by Squeezebox server

2010-02-18, 16:35

I tried to edit my Mp3 with mp3tag.
I also did add a cover with mp3tag an saved the file.

In windows explorer the Cover shows up in preview, in winamp or windows media player it shows up too.

But in the webif or in slim control, the wrong cover shows up, from a completely different artist.

How is that?

2010-02-18, 17:43
Not sure what you mean by "slim control".
Did you perform a full rescan? (not just a "check for new or changed" scan)
If that's not it, try clearing the cache from your web browser - I've experienced similar problems in the webui which were solved by that.

2010-02-18, 17:46
Slim control is a windows mobile remote control app for squeezebox server. There I can see now playing with cover display.

I did already try "delete database an rebuild it completely" but still the wrong cover.

Now I'll try to empty my browser cache.

EDIT: Oh yeah finally, after emptying the cache the right cover is displayed.