View Full Version : New Display - opinions?

Todd Fields
2004-08-10, 12:07
--- Ken Anderson <lists (AT) anderhome (DOT) com> wrote:

> Unless you hooked up an IR keyboard to your
> computer, you wouldn't be
> able to control what you were seeing. That's the
> whole idea of a
> camera on the squeezebox - so you could see it, and
> control it via IR.

Actually, my computer has an RF keyboard and mouse.
But I don't really use the keyboard and mouse much. I
still use the Squeezebox remote to control it. The
display on the television is more or less just for
looks. My server happens to be in my home theater and
it has a TV Out so I hooked it up and modified the
skin to make it "TV friendly."

I see your point though. If you can't see the display
then it wouldn't be possible to browse for music, etc.
I didn't really think of that.

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