View Full Version : Random mix the same for different players?

2010-02-18, 08:30

I've been using my Duet on my HiFi system for about 2 months and I'm still very happy about it!

On my PC (other room) I use SqueezePlay to link to the same music library (duh!)

When I select a Random Mix -> Genre on the Duet for R&B, also the Random Mix -> Genre on the SqueezePlay is set to R&B.

Is there a way the link the selection of genres to the player, rather than having it set for all players (including software ones like SqueezePlay)?



2010-02-18, 09:37
Interesting - hadn't looked at this before. Would be curious if there is a way. It looks like it points to randomplay://contributor for random by Artist; randomplay://track for random Songs; randomplay://year and randomplay://album for random play by Year and Album.

One alternative - depending on the size of your library is to make a shuffled playlist for your favorite genres. Running on an older Dell Pentium 4 server with 1.5GB RAM running WinXP, I start getting UI delays when my playlist approached 175 songs. I tried making a playlist of my live music - got to 1100 tracks and it pretty much came to standstill until I changed the setting to give background process priority over applications. World of difference, it now handles the live playlist in real time.

Not elegant but a work around if there isn't a better approach.

2010-02-22, 13:53
I'm running 7.4 on a RedHat/CentOS like Linux Server SMEServer (http://wiki.contribs.org/Main_Page) with 12000 songs.

I will try your suggestion, although I think it should be an unneccesary workaround ;-)