View Full Version : Touch "control" Alternative? Sony "Dash"?

2010-02-17, 15:38
I was planning to use the Touch as a wall-mounted controller for two Radios (no plan to use the tiny server or connect a NAS). While waiting for the release, I've been contemplating other options for the "touch screen controller" solution - something larger than an iPod Touch, something that would look nice wall-mounted.

I've been following the Sony Dash (a Chumby-like device, touch screen internet). The Dash will run apps from the Sony Bravia Internet Video platform (and probably Chumby apps? Don't know). Today it was announced that the Dash will stream Netflix. All for roughly $200.

So - it makes me wonder: using a wall-mounted Sony Dash as a squeezebox controller, with app support similar to iPeng, might be an interesting solution for my (admittedly very narrow) needs. Anyone else considering an "internet device" like this to control squeeboxes? Can you do this with a Chumby already?


2010-02-17, 16:42
As long as it has a half decent web browser than you should have some success using just the skin for Squeezebox Server called "Touch". To try the skin out just add "Touch" to the end of the URL that you normally access Squeezebox Server via.

The Touch screen was designed for the touch screen devices with a screen a similar size to the Sony.

2010-02-19, 12:37
I was considering something like this, but:

SB Touch running TinySC won't provide the web-interface that one of these devices would need, therefore, one needs a PC running SBS, or a Sheevaplug or something with computing power running SBS, correct?

Unless you can truly run an ipeng, which I'm told is supported by TinySC.

2010-02-20, 02:27
You are correct.

2010-02-20, 17:01
Cost permitting, wait for the Apple iPad maybe?