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2010-02-17, 08:07
Hi there
I just bought two SB3 "classic", before they dissappear from the market. I already own one SB3 for many years which I renamed to Livingroom. I installed the new ones, one should get the name Office, the other one Spa. The problem I'm facing now is, that I am able to rename the SB, its also changed in the SC UI, it's changed in the SB3. But after a few seconds, the name is reset to the standard "Squeezebox". This happens only with one SB, the others are working correctly. Strange - any idea what the heck this could cause?

Player-Modell: squeezebox3

Firmware: 121

Squeezecenter: Version: 7.3.1 - 24372

BTW: I do not plan to upgrade to 7.4. SC runs on a Synology NAS, stable since >1 Year.

Thanks for any hint!
Cheers, Lakeside

2010-02-17, 13:28
Did you buy these brand new? Not been registered to another MySB.com account before?

Other than a possible SBS and MySB sync settings issue, I'm not sure what else would cause that.
Maybe log in to your MySB.com account, see if all three SB3's show up, change the name of the rogue SB3 within MySB.com, see if it sticks.

2010-02-17, 14:39
I can see all three SB's on MySB. I experienced the following tonight: first I had the renaming problem with my SB called "Office". Now the "office" keeps its name, but the second new SB, called "SPA" loses its name and changes to "Squeezebox2".
Both SB's are brandnew, never used before.
On MySB the player names appear like in SC:
- Office
- Livingroom
- Squeezebox 2 (should be "SPA")
In MySB, the wrong firmware number appears. Should be 121, is displayed as 88. All three SB's show up as "disconnected".

2010-02-22, 06:25
I could solve the problem. Toby10 you guided me to the right direction, many thanks.
I am running SC on a Synology NAS, so there is no need to have mysb activated. I deactivated mysb (under SqueezeNetwork), renamed the SB and it's working now. Seems to produce some mismatching when SqueezeNetwork is activated.
Cheers and happy listening,