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2004-08-10, 10:18
>>>> jtfields91 (AT) yahoo (DOT) com 8/10/2004 12:47:56 PM >>>
>--- PAUL WILLIAMSON <pwilliamson (AT) mandtbank (DOT) com> wrote:
>> You'll need a camera, a channel injector (one with
>> or
>> without audio, depending on what you want to
>> accomplish),
>I would still rather use some sort of TV Out from the
>server to display the Status Header of a skin and
>transmit that throughout the house. This way you can
>see album art, album reviews (in the comment field
>from All Music) or whatever information you choose to
>display (the only thing I can't get to display on the
>Status Header is the playlist.) I would guess it
>would look a lot nicer than a camera image of your
>Squeezebox. I did't think about the sound though.
>You would not be able to hear anything through your
>television (could this be accomplished with
>Softsqueeze and distributing the audio from your
>server as well?)

If my server was close enough to my other audio gear, I
would not have needed a slimp3 in the first place.
I agree that TV out on the server would be a better choice,
and I may eventually go that route, but that would involve
moving a very noisy (9 hard drives, 6 fans, etc.) machine
to an area where nothing else makes a sound except for
the TV and Stereo, and that's because I want to listen
to it. :-)

After thinking about it, I could change the channel
modulator from video only to audio and video and
have sound on any TV as well, not just in the rooms
that have speakers wired back to the stereo. That
shouldn't be a problem.

The only way I could see putting a fairly expensive
solution in place (a computer with TV out and sound)
to replace the fairly cheap solution (under $100) would
be if I could come up with a reason to spend the
extra cash to get album art. I'm sure there are other
benefits, but maybe I'll just go get a pocketPC and
put TelCanto on it! LOL!