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2010-02-16, 11:20
Hi all,

Is this possible.....

I do not wish to have a PC switched on all of the time except for ripping music.

1) I would like to use the Touch and a NAS to store music on, which I hope to control via my iPhone. Reading this forum I don't think this will be possible as the Touch will not play music directly from a NAS. Is this correct?

2) Touch with a USB drive connected, and controlled from my iPhone, I think this is possible. Also with this senario would I be able to copy ripped music from my PC over the network onto the USB drive connected to the Touch?

Thanks in advance

2010-02-16, 13:54
correct on both points

2010-02-16, 14:09
and to be clear, i've read on the forums that yes, you can copy music over the network to the USB harddrive connected to the TOUCH.

2010-02-16, 14:52
Thanks guys

Logitech...... Please launch the Touch soon!

2010-02-17, 15:17
Just to clarify, IF you use the server builtin to the Touch it will not read a NAS, BUT if you install the server on the NAS box you can use the Touch with it.

I recommend a vortexbox for this, it has the drive, the computer to run the NAS software, builtin Squeezebox Server and an optical drive to rip CDs, all in one box. It takes about 20 watts so its not too bad to leave on all the time. Since it sits on the network you can copy any files over to it from any other computer you have and use it as your household file server (its a full blown NAS, not just for music).

John S.