View Full Version : Which 5.3.x load is most stable on Win XP?

Scott Harris
2004-08-10, 07:29
I've been keeping track of the thread on 5.3.x loads on Win XP. I am
currently running from the 08-01-2004 nightly, which appears to be
reasonably stable, but is a 5.2.x release, I believe. When I used
5.3.1b, I got a lot of the restarts and crashes like what other people
reported, so I backed off to the 08-01-2004 load. Since then, I haven't
seen any traffic suggesting that there's been changes addressing these
problems in the subsequent nightlys. Have there been? The problems
with 5.3.1b appear to be very specific to Win XP, as I have seen no
traffic on this topic for other OS's.


Scott Harris
scott (AT) scott-harris (DOT) org