View Full Version : SBS Not seeing most folders on NAS, any tips?

2010-02-15, 14:48
Hi Everyone,

1st post, and I'm after some help!!

System: QNAP 109II, SBS accessed on Macbook, 2 Classic Squeezeboxes.

Here's my little story. Or not so little as it turns out!

A few months ago I 'upgraded' to SSOTS 4.2 and SBS 7.4 (I think!) and my problems began. SBS was only able to see about 12 folders on my NAS on setup when you select where your music is stored. It couldn't even see the iTunes folder to select where playlists etc are stored.

Tonight I wiped the NAS and put my music back onto it. I installed SSOTS 4.4, then the latest SBS. I was sure this would fix the problem, but to my dismay it turned out exactly the same! The 4 albums it finds on a scan I can see no reason for it to only find those particular albums. It actually sees about 12 folders, but it can't see the music in the others. They are all MP3's, so no weird file formats or anything.

I have no idea where to go from here, and I wouldn't call myself an advanced user so I hope it's nothing too difficult. I really wish I hadn't upgraded in the first place. My PS3 can play all the music on the NAS over wireless so I know the files are okay and working.

So, can anyone help with my predicament? I'd even consider going back to SSOTS 3.18 and SBS 7.3 or whatever, I just want my music back.

Thanks for reading and for any help!