View Full Version : First ever Buffer Underun with exactly same setup...Help please. Thanks!

2010-02-15, 10:41
Dear fellow SB users,

I am a proud owner of an SB3 linked to a 1TB Synology DS207+ with SSOSD software running.

Until yesterday I had no problems as far as buffer underrun is concerned.
Yesterday I added a few files and wanted to listen to them.

All of a sudden I got a buffer underrun message, then the music stopped.
I pressed play again and after perhaps not even 10 minutes, another buffer underrun.
To tell you the truth on the screen it displayed "Reinizializzazione Buffer" (I am Italian) which literally translates "Re-initialising buffer". I take it means buffer underrun, or does it not?

Any help to let the problem go away will be MUCH appreciated!!! Thanks.

Needless to say that I did switch everything off and start it up once again, with no results...

2010-02-15, 11:21
I'm assuming your Synology is wired to your router, but is your SB3 connected wirelessly? If so, it could be that you have new source of wireless interference. It could be another wifi device, or cordless phone, or microwave, etc. It could be in your home or possibly a neighbor's. Or a neighbor could have switched channels on his/her wifi network.

2010-02-15, 12:45
..or, the new files are in lossless format and your usual files are not.

2010-02-16, 01:41
Thanks guys for the replies,

I forgot to tell you that both the NAS and SB3 are connected with wires to the router and in fact I did check if by any chance the setting of the SB3 changed to "wireless", but it did not.

And all the files that I was listening to while the Buffer underrun issue happened multiple times are .flac. But About 80% of my music is .flac and I never experienced anything like this.

However I will try to put the SB3 to the test as soon as can, just to check if the problem persists.

For the time being: thanks again and have a good day!