View Full Version : New Display - opinions?

Phillip Kerman
2004-08-09, 21:02
> Next up? Color VFD. That would be even more eye candy.
> I would have thought having a two versions of squeeze, one
> high end display, one lower end display wouldhave been fine,
> but probably is not good for economies of scale.
> It would be cool to have two squeezeboxen, right next to each
> other, but syncronized. One could display the song information,
> while the other one acts as a VU meter or some kind of
> spectrum analyzer. I know that it's probably possible now,
> but until I get two of these things, I'll just talk. Maybe next
> in the line for a squeezebox would be a standard width
> audio device with two displays, right next to each other that
> could be set up to display twice the information.
> Maybe even call it a jambox or something else catchy.

What I don't understand is why one can't just get a laptop without a loud
fan that doesn't cost so much. I'd gladly pay $300 for a laptop as powerful
as my 5 year old one... which, of course, isn't worth $300.

I think it makes sense to concentrate on the audio side of things. Not
saying the display doesn't matter.