View Full Version : Micro NAS?

2010-02-14, 01:35
Hi there,

I just came across this device, the Addonics NAS 2.0

My god this is small, and only $59. Obvious a USB Hard Drive of some sort needs to be attached. But has anyone tried this device as a slimserver? If it indeed works it could be an amazing tiny, ultra low powered (it runs of a 200ma power adaptor) and silent NAS for $59.


2010-02-14, 05:37
This one has no serial console, no support for third party apps. It's predecessor is based on an arm with 133MHz,

As for the 200ma, what Voltage? It needs to supply 500ma@5V for each USB Port. Thats allone 5Watts

Go for a sheevaplug (100 USD). There you have serial console, enough CPU and Memory. Also silent. Pulls 5 to 10Watts