View Full Version : Should I Install 5.3 beta?

Phillip Kerman
2004-08-09, 20:58
In my opinion it's as good or better than 5.2.1. It's hard for me to make a
very definitive statement, but it seems pretty okay. My issue is losing
connection to the server intermittently.


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> Well, I'm still anxiously waiting on my display to
> arrive. However, I was thinking I might just hang
> onto it for awhile until the final version of
> SlimServer 5.3 is released. It seems I've seen quite
> a few problems reported here. I know at times things
> seem magnified here because you only see the people
> complaining and not the people who had no problems.
> I'm one of those who is typically more cautious and
> does not install the nightlies unless there is a
> problem that I'm trying to clear up. In general, has
> 5.3 beta been fairly solid? Is it recommended to
> upgrade to the beta?
> Todd
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