View Full Version : Use inguz to boost Bolder modded SB3 output?

2010-02-13, 09:39
I recently sold my CD player and purchased a used Bolder modded SB3 and am using the analog outputs.

It's my understanding that the stock analog SB3 outputs 2 volts, while the modded outputs are reduced to 1 volt (due to removal of an op-amp in the output stage as part of the mods). So I now have to turn my preamp volume control noticeable higher to achieve the same volume as I had with my CD player.

The issue is that turning my preamp volume up also increases the noise floor to a perceptible level (it's a tube preamp, and I think I'm hearing the inherent low-level noise floor of the tubes.) I already purchased new tubes, which helped slightly, but not enough.

So, my idea: can I use the Inguz plugin to increase the SB3 output for all frequencies in a flat manner, to compensate? If so, what would be the cleanest way to do this?

Is there a global variable(s)in the setup files that could be modified to accomplish an across-the-board increase in output?

Thanks in advance!

2010-02-13, 17:17
Go into the Inguz .config file. You'll find the default gain setting at -16, and by increasing this value in small increments (1 or 2 at a time) you could increase output.

It's not a completely free lunch however, as clipping will be a concern and this sounds horrible. I'm not confident you'll be able to compensate completely for the lost output of your SB, but you can get a little help anyway. Pay attention to the Inguz log.txt file, and any clipping will be registered there.

(Refer the Inguz "user guide" available on-line for specific details)

Good Luck

2010-02-13, 20:40
Thanks, that definitely helps some! I was able to increase from -16 (the default) to -10 before clipping kicked in. And you're right, clipping sounds absolutely horrible.

I also just ordered another pair of preamp tubes and am paying a couple extra $ to have them pre-screened for low noise ... hopefully that will get me the rest of the way there.

Thanks again!

2010-02-13, 20:53
Excellent! Just monitor your log.txt file periodically and note any ocurrences of clipping. You may yet find that a bit of gain reduction is necessary. Better still, if you could get a test CD with some 0db noise you could set your gain quite accurately. If you aren't clipping with that...you never will.

Perhaps somebody here has a test file they could send you.???

I'm glad it worked out for you. This is the only free improvement you will ever receive in audio. ;)

Best Regards.