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2004-08-09, 20:00
>>> tomwynne (AT) yahoo (DOT) co.uk 8/9/2004 6:21:35 PM >>>
>I've been browsing some of the other threads relating to the new
>display, but none of them directly ask the same question (that I've
>found as yet!) ...
>I currently have a Slimp3, and am seriously tempted into buying a new
>Squeezebox by the upgraded display. Can anyone that has one give an
>honest opinion? And does it significantly improve the legibility at
>distance of 10-15ft?
>Many thanks,

I absolutely love the new display. A few friends have even
asked if I had purchased a new squeezebox. Anyway,
aside from the nicer display, it supports more levels
of brightness and a varied number of fonts.

I used to have the device completely powered off when
not in use because the time/date was not readable
from across my family room. Now with the biggest
font, the time is easily readable from beyond the family room
all the way into the kitchen, about 18 feet away. Case doesn't
matter for that because numbers are just one case, and having
the time at the largest size right on top of my TV is quite nice.
I know it's there, but because the display is fairly dim,
I rarely get distracted (or even notice it) when watching
a movie in complete darkness.

It certainly looks much more professional. My slimp3
looks very, well, first generation. It performs flawlessly still,
but I think it will be going into the garage or a bedroom
and being replaced by another sbg.

Next up? Color VFD. That would be even more eye candy.
I would have thought having a two versions of squeeze, one
high end display, one lower end display wouldhave been fine,
but probably is not good for economies of scale.

It would be cool to have two squeezeboxen, right next to each
other, but syncronized. One could display the song information,
while the other one acts as a VU meter or some kind of
spectrum analyzer. I know that it's probably possible now,
but until I get two of these things, I'll just talk. Maybe next
in the line for a squeezebox would be a standard width
audio device with two displays, right next to each other that
could be set up to display twice the information.
Maybe even call it a jambox or something else catchy.