View Full Version : To Keep the Old Display, or Not to Keep theOldDisplay.That is the Question.

Todd Fields
2004-08-09, 19:36
--- PAUL WILLIAMSON <pwilliamson (AT) mandtbank (DOT) com> wrote:

> One suggestion I saw on this list that I'm working
> on
> now is to focus a camera on the display. Then I
> take this
> signal and inject it on to a channel back in to my
> cable. This way I can see the squeezebox display
> on any TV in the house. When I get the house wired
> up with
> in-wall or in-ceiling speakers, this will really be
> helpful.

Why don't you just get a video card for your server
with a TV out. Then use a video splitter to
distribute the signal throughout your house. This way
you will be able to see the browser interface on any
TV in the house. Of course, I'm a assuming you have a
dedicated server for your Squeezeboxes/SLIMP3's. I
have a TV out on mine going to my television (with a
modified Fishbone skin to make fonts bigger, show more
information, album art etc.) and it's great.

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