View Full Version : App to do basic/essential controls in XP?

2010-02-12, 09:54
Hi All,

Looking for a quick way to skip tracks, pause, mute, etc. from XP. Does a lil app that interfaces with your server exist - I prefer not to have to keep Squeezebox Server loaded.

I'm envisioning a little applet that sits in your system tray or somethin'...

- Thanx in advance!
- Jon

2010-02-12, 09:59
The closest I am aware of would be Moose. It's a bit more than you're laying out, but it does hide out in the tray when not being used.

I'd love to see integration with the FoxyTunes Firefox add-in.


2010-02-12, 10:21
Moose is pretty cool. Thanks!

- Jon