View Full Version : Screensaver briefly changes from TIME to NOW PLAYING

2010-02-11, 15:06
I've read a few threads about screensavers being interrupted while in standby to tell you connectivity has been lost. And the debates around OFF meaning OFF!

I have a slightly different problem.
If I set the screensaver to time/date or blank, the screen often flashes up with the NOW PLAYING screen, with the track I was last playing as STOPPED. It's more like it's switching screen saver.
The screen reverts to date/time within a few seconds.

I suspect this might be a connectivity issue but does sound a little different?

Im on latest version of server 7.4.1, firmware 130 on a classic SB3. Connection is wireless playback is 99% interruption free with wireless signal typically 85% The data test is to 100% up to 4000kbps then 98% t 5000kbps.

Any ideas? Thank you in advance..