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2010-02-11, 10:15
We need a thank you thread to counterbalance the more negative opinions on this board, I'll be happy to start out with these thanks :

To Slimdevices/Logitech for making me rediscover my music collection, yes it took some time to get everything up and running, but hey, I would have spend that time anyway running around looking for the XYZ CD with WZX somewhere in the house, which is now available at my SBC , booms or at the PC either here or in my girlfriends house(on PC & MAC) . Only need a version which works in my car, that would certainly free up some space in the glove compartment :-)

To the Developers of plugins, I use SrvPower control to put my server to sleep when not in use, supergreen :-) and I use custom browse to make it easier to find the WZX cd I desperatly want to hear.
And a big thanks to everybody who contributes with ideas and suggestions on this forum.

Imagine if you had the same possibilities with your washing machine ?? no more mixing up the wrong colors because somebody has written a plugin to prevent that ;-)

From the mostly happy Squeezebox user....

Brian Ritchie
2010-02-11, 17:07
I'll add my thanks to this. Most of my posts have probably been when I've been having some kind of problem, but I need to record that most of the time I'm delighted with our Squeezeboxen (one each of SB3,Duet,Transporter and Boom). Well, that might not be quite true: most of the time I probably take them for granted; it's just that every so often I'll stop and think and realise that I'm really pretty lucky. What I have now is really beyond my wildest dreams in my teens and student years.

Our Squeezeboxen have completely changed our listening habits, even though I'd already been used to compilation tapes (since the 70s) and shuffle play mp3 players. Today I was pottering about in various locations around the house, and it was great to have the same music playing wherever I went; in this case, it was drawn from our "best of" playlists for the 00s, 90s and 80s. I often use MusicIP mixes so I don't just stick to the things I know I like. Late at night, I'll often use Dynamic Playlist to play stuff from a selection of ambient genres; being able to crossfade between tracks is a must, and I really miss this on the iPod (along with not being able to add to the current playlist unless it's the single On-The-Go list, and then only to the end... but this is a Thanks To Logitech / Slim and plugin writers thread, so the emphasis is not so much on iPod limitations as on I Never Had It So Good!)

-- Brian