View Full Version : Slimserver segmentation fault

2004-08-09, 12:53
To those who may experience crashes/faults when scanning the library...

I'd suggest the use of "mp3check" to validate your files (assuming they're
mp3, of course). It can scan entire folders recursively. It does a lot
more than just check for content in the ID tags. I checked the integrity
of all my ID3 tags with "easytag" and still had crashes. "mp3check" found
a lot of problems I hadn't discovered previously. Once I fixed my files,
all my problems vanished. Even weird subtle ones, where "No Album"
entries appeared in my lists, when I knew they were all named.

"mp3check" is GPL code, and runs on Mac, Linux, Win. It has a simple
command line interface for us linux types.

Google "mp3check" or visit: