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2010-02-08, 16:34
Hey people,

I finally got my Squeezebox boom out of our moving cases, and my Slimserver setup on my Qnap TS-509.

But if i change from Squeezebox network to slimserver it updates the firmware and if i change back after the firmware update is complete it updates again and every time change from SQN to SQS it says "firmware updating (2/2)" reboots and acts normal.

but this happens every time i change between the systems. and is very very annoying. do any of you have some clue to what might be going on?

the Classic i have does not do this it changes seemlessly between the 2 networks with out any hitches. .....

I have a:

Classic V3 (wireless)
Boom (Wireless)
Duet (not connected at the moment, cannot located the power plug)

Best regards

2010-02-08, 20:03
It's actually updating when you go from SBS to mysb.com, and 'downdating' (ie, changing from a newer to an older firmware) when you go the other way. You must be running an older version of SBS on your QNAP. mysb.com is running the current release, which is presently 7.4.1. If you want to avoid this looping then the best thing to do is to upgrade SBS on your QNAP to the latest release so that it matches mysb.com. Or, you could simply not connect directly to mysb.com -- there's nothing on mysb.com that you can't do through SBS.

I'm not sure why you're not getting the same thing with your SB3/Classic, but it's possible that there was no firmware change for the SB3/Classic between those two versions of SBS.

2010-02-09, 06:53
hey aubuti,

thanks for the quick response, fact is tho that i am running the latest version of SBS on my server 7.4.1 so that shoulden be a problem..???

2010-02-09, 07:05
Well, in that case try a factory reset of the Boom. If I remember correctly, that is done by powering off the Boom, and then pressing and holding the "+" key while powering it back on. If that doesn't work, try unplugging it for a few minutes, and then plugging it in and powering on while holding "+".

2010-02-09, 07:35
Which firmware version does the player information page indicate on SBS vs. MySB?

2010-02-09, 07:38
ive done the hardreset. and it didn do me much good.

i dont know the firmwares atm. ill check when i come back home.

thanks for the quick responses.

2010-02-09, 07:53
fyi, for SBS 7.4.1 the correct corresponding Boom firmware 50.