View Full Version : Simple Network Drive Advice?

2010-02-08, 07:24
The setup in my sig lines uses a USB external 1Tb drive dedicated to being the My Music Folder (all FLAC, btw). That drive dangles off a desktop machine under Vista. Fine.

Temporarily I want to drive my existing system off a laptop. Just plugging the external drive in to that will of course work. But it's not physically convenient. I'd like to have my external music drive plug into my router. (For the moment, I'm not looking to do any network upgrade more complicated than that).

So, should I just get a new router that has a USB socket, and run the system that way? Or should I get a network drive that runs via ethernet? I don't mind spending a couple of hundred bucks, as I always have a use for another Tb of storage.

Any harware suggestions / pitfalls for this relatively simple (I think!) network?


2010-02-08, 07:35
If you don't mind to configure a headless linux system, then i would suggest a sheevaplug. It can transform your existing USB Harddisk to a squeezebox server. 100$. Low power consumption, but enough processing power to smoothly run Squeezebox server.

Or a QNAP 119. Same CPU, no fans. Point and Click Webinterface.

2010-02-08, 09:00
setting up a SheevaPlug is very easy if you use my image and the wiki.

Please take a look.


You could easiely connect your usb-drive to the SheevaPlug. It works great!

Greetings Thomas