View Full Version : Help getting linux squeezeslave/softsqueeze audio sorted out?

2010-02-07, 04:24
I've got a Linux box (Fedora10) which I want to get either squeezeslave or softsqueeze running on, but in a headless mode since the system will be running without screen/keyboard (and preferably in non-gui mode too).
I've got both apps installed and basically running, connecting to my server, but I'm having trouble sorting out the audio. Can anyone talk me through some steps in figuring which sound device, what the mixer settings are etc - a trouble-shooting sequence to work through. (I'm familiar with Linux, but mostly in an embedded environment rather than on PC hardware!)

2010-02-07, 04:26
If it is a true headless box with no xclient running (it is not clear when you say no screen and then say in non GUI mode) - then Softsqueeze will not run - spend your time on SqueezeSlave.

2010-02-07, 04:49
It will (ideally) ultimately be running in runlevel 3.
The thing that was putting me off squeezeslave (and hence looking at softsqueeze also) was that I believe it only supports one bitrate?

2010-02-07, 05:11
I had thought about making Softsqueeze truly headless but then it would overlap with squeezeslave and so didn't see the point.

SOftsqueeze can play 44.1 and 48kHz streams as this is supported by the Javasound libraries. I think because Softsqueeze can also emulate Transporter from a display point of view - other bitrates (e.g. 24/96) will be sent to Softsqueeze unchanged but these cannot be played by Javasound and so don't play.

Squeezeslave used to have a limitation of 16/44.1 but it may have changed as there is active development.

AFAIK the SBS can be setup to resample audio for classes of player. I think this has been done for Squeezeslave - you should search the forum.