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Todd Fields
2004-08-09, 10:29
--- Phillip Kerman <lists (AT) phillipkerman (DOT) com> wrote:

> Sorry for the off topic... but I know there are some
> audiophiles here.
> Any recommendation for outdoor speakers?
> I listened to these in a show room: Polk Atrium 45
> You never know how they'll sound outside. I don't
> want to spend more than
> $200 or so.

I purchased somw Niles OS/10's a several years ago. I
love 'em. I don't claim to be an audiophile, however,
but I think they have very good bass and great sound
for their size. They are hanging outside and have
pretty much been exposed to the elements for years now
and have held up fairly well (there is some paint
chipping from the grill but it actually came with
instructions for removing and repainting the grill.)

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