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2004-08-09, 09:43
Something like an amplifier that generates a lot of heat really shouldn't be
put behind a couch.

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>> For good, small bookshelf speakers that defy the bookshelf mold look
>> at some Paradigm minis.
> I second that. I bought 2 Paradigm Atoms for "Front Effect Speakers"
> for my Yamaha reciever. It is an auxiliary, 25w pair of channels the
> reciever send some random sounds through. :) Anyways, now, 4 years
> later I have moved and don't plan on hooking them back up. So I
> unhooked my Paradigm Monitor 11's, my Servo Reference sub, and
> listened to the Led Zeppelin DVD with just the Atoms on the main
> channels. I was absolutely blown away. Those little speakers can
> really crank out some good sound. Bass sounded good too.
> Obviously, it doesn't touch the Monitor 11's and the Servo
> combination, but for a bookshelf sized speaker, I was more than
> impressed.
> Specs for the Atom here:
> http://www.paradigm.ca/Website/SiteParadigmProduct/ParadigmModels/Perf
> ormance/PerformanceSpecs.htm
> Specs for Mini Monitor here:
> http://www.paradigm.ca/Website/SiteParadigmProduct/ParadigmModels/MonS
> eriesII/MonitorSpecs.htm

Interesting, but pricey for me... However, if I was going to go with
non-powered speakers, I'd need something to drive them. Any suggestions for
a small, inexpensive amp that will take RCA in and require very little
interaction? Low interaction as in I'd stick it behind a couch or something.

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