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2010-02-06, 08:16
Vista Home Premium SP2,
SqueezeServer 7.4.1 r28947,

When I click the "Music Folder" icon, the web control tries to load for several minutes, then seems to time out.

I cannot get the "Music Folder" to open.

The other icons still work -- I can scan, search, list and play by artist, genre, etc.

Just cannot browse my music folder in SqueezeServer.

I don't think I have any non-English characters in my database.

I'd be glad to send a log but do not the particular logging settings to use to record the error.

2010-02-06, 11:30
Starting with the basics - I assume you have entered the folder name/path in Music Library?

Is the path to a folder on the same disc as you are running Squeezecenter or is it a networked path? If networked, are you using a mapped drive path or an UNC path?

There was a problem using top level music folders with spaces in the names or "national" characters, but I think it was fixed in the release version of 7.4.1 - are you using an earlier nightly or the release version?


2010-02-06, 16:44
Music Folder: \\net-drive\net drive\iTunes Music (networked path)

Net-drive is a NAS. Server has no problem playing the music, I just cannot browse the directories.

My computer has a single optical DVD/CD drive, factory installed in Sony Vaio "MATSHITA DVD-RAM UJ-875S ATA Drive"

Running 7.4.1 r28947 (which I believe is the release version)

2010-02-08, 04:30
> Running 7.4.1 r28947 (which I believe is the release version)

Would you mind testing with the 7.4.2 nightly build (or even better: 7.5) and upload your server.log file if it's still not fixed?