View Full Version : Sirus not displaying info

2010-02-05, 18:03
I have a SB Duet running 7.4.1. When playing Sirius radio none of the album/artist/song information is displaying. This is on the Duet Controller, as well as within the Squeezebox Server web interface and on a softsqueeze installation. Is this a known problem, or something only I'm dealing with?

2010-02-06, 15:24
Just me then?

2010-02-08, 12:37
It's a little flaky but generally works for me. Sometimes when I first switch to a station it takes a song or two to "get going" - maybe only once or twice it hasn't worked eventually, though.

Did you notice any difference between running it from a preset (on the Radio for example) or a Favorites vs. navigating directly through MyApps? I've noticed that sometimes it tries to use the name of my Favorite in the title for a couple songs...