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2010-02-05, 12:11

I do not have an a/v receiver just a pair of Audio Engine A5's. I noticed the AudioEngine AW1 wireless adapter went on sale at Amazon today and I'm thinking about buying it but I was wondering if it would be compatible with the Squeezebox Touch? Has anyone tried this configuration? I'd like to be able to stream music from SB Touch (kitchen) to my AE A5's in the living room (a distance of about 20 feet). Thanks!

2010-02-08, 17:14
Has anybody tried this combination or has this question already been answered in another thread? If so, please direct me.

I know there are at least a few people in this forum that have A5's so I would really like to know if the AW1 is or will be compatible with the SBTouch. Thanks in advance!

2010-02-08, 18:21
I've not used the AW1 but am quite familiar with the AudioEngine speakers. I don't see any reason why it wouldn't work with any Squeezebox including the Touch via the RCA output jacks or the headphone jack.

But, the AW1 is also designed so that it can transmit directly from a computer via the AW1 USB dongle. The USB port on the Touch is designed as an input device so I doubt if it would work to transmit the same way a computer would. But, of course, the other AW1 USB dongle can be inserted directly into your A5s. Seems like that would be a great setup and extremely portable. I have no idea how good the wireless sounds compared to running wire.

2010-02-08, 19:18
I don't see why it wouldn't work. The AW1 can be used with any audio source and any speakers, not just the Audioengines. The only question may be whether or not the Touch's USB port would power the sending unit. Since the port can power a USB disk drive, it should work. If it doesn't, or you want to attach a USB drive and use the built-in Squeezebox Server, you can still use Audioengine's AC power adapter.

2010-02-09, 02:59
One Amazon reviewer wrote

Happily, I found only minor interference with my existing setup -- which includes three independant cordless phone lines, wireless LAN/internet, a wireless house alarm system, and a remote control extender (via radio rather than IR). The only impact I've been able to produce is to the wireless LAN. Here are my findings, using what I'd presume is a pretty standard setup: wireless netgear router, hp laptop with builtin wifi card.
First of all, I cannot affect the sound transmission at all. I can't get any noise/hum/pops into the speakers, via any of the wireless applications mentioned above.
But I do lose internet speed rapidly if my laptop is too close to either the transmitter or receiver. I can only reproduce this within about 5 feet of either, so this won't be much of an issue for me, but it can be quite an extreme impact dropping my download speeds from the 8-10 Mbps I'm used to all the way down to 300k or lower when my computer is within 6 inches or so.

Given that the transmitter is going to be plugged into your touch (i.e. 1 inch away) - this possibility of interference might be a concern if the touch is going to be wireless as well.